Company Overview

Our Story

As a global leader in digital marketing for almost 20 years, our goals have always been aligned with yours: to engage with customers in relevant and meaningful ways that result in superior experiences, increased conversions and measurable return on marketing investment.

Over 5,000 organizations worldwide use our software solutions to design, automate and optimize data-driven digital marketing programs. Billions of digital messages have been processed by our technology, and we are continuously advancing technology to help marketers do sophisticated things in simple ways.

A heritage of innovation

Our deep heritage of pioneering innovative solutions has helped leading companies around the world optimize their digital marketing activities. Now, as people communicate across a range of mediums, the exponential growth of data has forever changed how we approach our digital marketing initiatives.

Our business has grown because we care about how people connect, and our solutions create value by delivering high-impact campaigns to your customers and measurable ROI for your business.



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