Lyris Email and Digital Messaging
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Automate, Integrate, and Optimize Customer Engagement

Lyris applications automate enterprise-scale email and digital messaging programs for the world’s top brands, enabling you to deliver real-time messages to targeted audiences, optimize revenue with real-time insights, and extend and integrate customer communications across all channels.

Automate customer engagement through enterprise-scale email and digital messaging programs based on real-time intelligence to deliver value at every opportunity. Enterprise-scale email and digital marketing solutions from Lyris AU.
Optimize the performance of every campaign with real-time revenue analytics and deliverability insights. Enterprise-scale email and digital marketing solutions from Lyris AU.
Extend the value of your Lyris solution limitlessly by simply and easily integrating any digital marketing data, applications, and workflows. Enterprise-scale email and digital marketing solutions from Lyris AU.
Enterprise-scale email and digital marketing solutions from Lyris AU.

Automate Customer Engagement through Email and Digital Messaging

To succeed, marketers must listen first. Lyris enables you to surface and manage customer intelligence to deliver customer value at every opportunity by automating engagement with powerful automation and real-time analytics.

  • Automate promotional and transactional messages tailored to customer behaviors such as website browsing, purchase interests, lifecycle events, and more.
  • Inform campaigns with multichannel customer insights consolidated from CRM, ecommerce systems, native or third-party Web analytics, and any other data source.
  • Engage audiences with event-triggered campaigns for real-time retargeting and eCommerce Automation.
  • Automatically gather individual-level email engagement analytics and target sub sequent communications based on past email opens, clicks, geolocations, and device preferences.
Enhanced customer engagement with automated email and digital messaging solutions from Lyris AU.

Proven and Robust for Rapid Time-to-Value
With over 20 years experience and thousands of clients, Lyris is known for ease of use, maturity, and delivering quick time-to-value.

Weaves together email, mobile, social, and web
Lyris helps you create marketing programs that drive engagement and response across email, mobile, social, and web based messaging components.

For Practitioners and Agencies
Lyris can be configured to serve the needs of practitioners and agencies. No matter whether you manage one or one thousand brands, each user can be provided with the right level of access.

Cloud and On-Premises
Available in cloud-based and on-premises deployment options, Lyris is the only vendor that covers your needs even if your requirements change in the future.

Optimize digital marketing programs with real-time insights and analytics from Lyris AU.

Optimize Digital Marketing Revenue with Real-time Insights

If your messages don’t make it to the inbox, nothing else matters. Lyris leads the industry in email optimization for deliverability with both Lyris Deliverability Services and Integrated workflows for email testing and monitoring. Email testing, analytics, and optimization capabilities are directly integrated into Lyris application workflows during message and campaign creation to help you maximize performance with just a few clicks:

  • Proof the optimal rendering of emails across clients and mobile devices.
  • Score content against Spam filters and resolve issues that would hurt deliverability.
  • Stay proactive by monitoring delivery, blacklisting, and your sender reputation.

Reaching the inbox isn’t enough. Messages also need to be read and drive response. Lyris provides real-time, revenue-side analytics and intelligent testing capabilities so marketers can fine-tune their campaigns for maximum performance:

  • With a few clicks, design and execute A/B tests for message content, subject lines, and more. Let Lyris identify and deploy the winning options automatically.
  • Track and optimize campaign success from end-to-end including post-click behavior on landing pages and website using Lyris native or third-party Web analytics.
  • View intuitive heat maps that show metrics in context with the content of your email message.

Extend and Integrate Limitlessly

Marketers rate integrations as the number one challenge with email marketing. Lyris Enterprise Connectors make it a snap:

  • Connect email and digital marketing with all your data, applications, and workflows to orchestrate multi-channel engagement at every stage of a buyer’s digital journey.
  • Benefit from visual connectors that cut down costs and effort of integrations with cloud and enterprise systems.
  • Achieve revenue impact quickly while keeping costs low

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Connect digital and email marketing data, applications & workflows with Lyris AU Enterprise Connectors.