Lyris List Manager

On-premises Automation of Email and Digital Messaging

Lyris ListManager (Lyris LM) is the trusted on-premises email marketing software for AU-based companies that require the ability to deploy high-volume email programs behind the firewall.

On-premise email and digital marketing software – Lyris LM Australia.

A fully-connected approach to customer communications

With an intuitive design built the way digital marketers work, the Lyris LM digital marketing software gives you the power to create, automate, and optimize your email and messaging campaigns.

Create, automate, and optimize your digital marketing communications with Lyris Australia.

1. Listen and Understand
Automatically combine customer and behavioral data from multiple sources. Integrate into any number of cloud-based and in-house databases including complex data schemas. Create a rich interaction history profile of each individual customer. Create segments based on any profile using powerful segmentation tools.

2. Compose Communications
Lyris LM leads the industry with its advanced scripting functionality that facilitates the programmatic generation of dynamic content culled from databases based on business rules. Compose rich dynamic content using embedded templates and the built-in HTML editor. Generate and format dynamic content for billing purposes, loyalty program statements, invoices, travel itineraries, and many other business use cases.

3. Engage Customers
Engage customers with highly-relevant, targeted, and timely digital marketing messages for both promotional and transactional use cases, including welcome programs, triggered marketing messages, purchase confirmations, billing, and more. Target future campaigns to audiences based on their interaction history with previous messages.

4. Optimize Performance
Ensure messages make it into the inbox by monitoring campaigns for deliverability. Increase opens, click-throughs, and conversions with insights from revenue-side analytics, heat maps, automated testing, and previews of how messages render across email clients and devices. Inform better campaigns with built-in Web analytics or using Lyris with your preferred third-party analytics providers (like Adobe).

5. Capture and Deliver
Close the loop on marketing programs by capturing registrations via landing pages and forms you create and by integrating Lyris LM with your eCommerce system (e.g. Magento, ChannelAdvisor, Shopify, Yahoo Stores, and others ), your CRM system (e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.), or any other system.

Designed for on-premises data security, scalability, and administration requirements

Lyris ListManager is a robust email marketing software solution that has matured over more than a decade of serving thousands of customers that prefer to deploy email marketing on their own premises.

  • Sensitive data stays behind the firewall and you control the access.
  • The solution scales efficiently to send millions of messages at top speed.
  • High-volume programs aren’t subject to per message (CPM) rates.
  • Enterprise Connectors lead the industry with ease of use for integrating with any data sources and applications.
  • Administration facilities make maintenance efficient for IT.
  • Proven support and services to ensure successful customer implementations and digital strategies.
Enterprise-scale digital marketing solutions from Lyris for growth.

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