Lyris eCommerce Automation

Turn Customers into Repeat Buyers and Loyal Advocates

Lyris eCommerce Automation empowers marketers to unlock data in their eCommerce system, turn it into actionable retail analytics, and drive timely, personalized campaigns to increase sales at every stage of the customer journey. Simply deploy the eCommerce Automation programs that best fit your marketing goals to generate business results more quickly.

Lyris eCommerce Automation Solutions

Your eCommerce System
Integration with
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Welcome Programs
Set up new customers onto a high lifetime value trajectory
Cross-Sell Programs
Automate product recommendations with crowd intelligence
Repeat Buyer Programs
Bring customers back with timely and targeted messages
Replenishment Programs
Target customers when it's time to re-up or refill
Win Back Programs
Predict risk of churn and remarket to win customers back
Many more...

Quick implementation and fast results

Lyris eCommerce Automation is rapidly deployed so you can target campaigns with the benefit of the customer data available in your eCommerce systems.

Synchronize customer, product, and purchase history data from eCommerce solutions such as Magento, Yahoo Store, Shopify, BigCommerce, 3dcart, Volustion, Channel Advisor, and others. Up to 70 custom data fields are imported, cleansed, and formatted for use within Lyris applications.

Analyze and Segment 
Get insight about your best customers, biggest spenders, biggest tickets, churning customers, most frequent buyers, most recent buyers, and more. Understand the difference in value, source, and shopping behavior between your one-time buyers and repeat buyers. Set up dynamic target segments in support of the data-driven marketing automation programs that best serve your business goals.

Automate Personalized Communication 
Send the right message to the right customer at the right time. With the benefit of the single view across eCommerce and other interactive channel data, marketers can use Lyris to automate customer personalized engagement.

Measure and Maximize Success 
Instantly report on performance metrics by any date range, including average order value, customer lifetime value, latency, coupon use, number of orders and more. Measure marketing success and customer engagement with enriched metrics such as RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) and retention scores so you can better segment, trigger, and personalize.

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