Lyris Real-Time Retargeting

Maximize Revenue by Re-engaging and Converting Shoppers in Real Time

Lyris Real-Time Retargeting empowers eCommerce marketers with valuable Web behavioral data to discover new segments, create real-time remarketing messages, repurpose Web content for maximum relevance, and set automation triggers to optimize revenue recovery and conversion opportunities.

Email retargeting to create real time remarketing messages from Lyris Australia.

With rich browser data integrated into Lyris applications, you can identify key trends – such as highest product interest or most popular content – to design, build, and immediately execute targeted campaigns and promotions.

  • Combine Web behavior, demographic, and preference data from any session to create targeted messaging segments
  • Use browsing and/or online shopping behavioral data to trigger messages to customers who are ready to buy. These include shopping cart abandonment, browse abandonment, post purchase, or any other site-specific process abandonment (e.g., account creation, event booking, etc.).
  • Increase email and web conversions with real-time dynamic email and site content suggested by Web behavioral data.
  • Maximize revenue by remarketing within the optimal time frame for capturing business before it is lost to the competition
  • Achieve real-time views on trending products based on customer browsing patterns and shopping cart behavior, with visibility into recaptured opportunities including dollars left in carts, revenue recovered, and revenue yet to be captured.

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