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WSI Digital Marketing saw a 40% increase in email marketing from Lyris HQ mobile application. WSI Digital Marketing saw a 40% increase in email marketing from Lyris HQ mobile application.

WSI Digital Marketing saw a 40% increase in email marketing from Lyris HQ mobile application. WSI Digital Marketing saw a 40% increase in email marketing from Lyris HQ mobile application.

Grow Client Revenues and Loyalty with Real-Time Customer Engagement Programs Powered by Lyris

In today’s age of the customer, agencies are expanding beyond traditional client offerings to delivering interactive brand engagement programs that engage audiences with connected, real-time messaging and create a win-win-win for the agency, its clients, and their customers.

Are you ready to grow your agency by serving your clients with automated and integrated email marketing programs that are optimized for reach and response?

Agency-Specific Design to Help you Manage Clients and Interactive Digital Messaging Programs at Scale

Lyris is the leading email marketing solution for agencies worldwide, thanks to industry-unique capabilities that enable agencies to manage tens, hundreds, or thousands of clients efficiently and drive effective, real-time customer communications. Lyris solutions also make it easier to integrate email with each client’s unique set of interactive data, applications, and workflows so that your clients can consistently connect with their customers across all digital and traditional channels.

Join leading agencies that have come to rely on Lyris for the most critical digital channel – email – and let our proven solution grow your client business today and into the future.

Manage tiered access to client data and campaigns.
Manage client accounts centrally while providing agency staff and clients with fine-tuned, tiered, organizational access to just the right information and application capabilities authorized for each user.

Customize reporting at the agency and client level.
Close the loop by providing clients with full visibility into their marketing initiatives and performance while also retaining the ability to view results across the client base in order to identify strategies that deliver best results.

Optimize reach and response with advanced delivery management.
Save effort and costs with integrated workflows for advanced delivery management including delivery, reputation, and blacklist monitoring, email previews across more than 30 mobile devices and email clients, and spam filter analysis – all without needing to manage multiple solutions.

Deliver results quickly by connecting each client’s data and channels more easily.
Integrate with each client’s CRM, ecommerce, Web analytics, and point-of-sale (POS) systems more easily and quickly thanks to Lyris’ open solutions architecture based on industry standards so you can deliver fast return on investment and optimize connected digital marketing programs for each client.

Tailor marketing solutions by rapidly customizing capabilities for best fit.
As the leader in “best-fit-for-you” digital messaging solutions, Lyris can help you adapt our solution to clients’ unique needs; for example, to layer digital messaging capabilities into clients’ proprietary applications or channels.

White-label and build custom-branded offerings.
Apply your own branding to Lyris applications in order to provide a complete brand experience and expand your portfolio of differentiated offerings.


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Digital Messaging Expertise to Help you Optimize the Performance of Every Client Campaign

At Lyris, we understand the complex challenge of mastering digital messaging success today and have helped numerous agency clients optimize marketing programs for their customers to increase revenue contribution at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Our digital messaging services experts are available to support agency clients in your work with customers; for example, to help with implementation and technical integrations, increase email deliverability for your campaigns, optimize messages for mobile devices, and any other email best practice that benefits from specialized expertise.

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