Lyris Enterprise Integration Solutions

Connect Digital Messaging across Channels, Data, and Marketing Technologies

A customer’s digital buying journey is complex and involves multiple touch points across many channels. Delighting customers at scale requires automation technology that integrates messaging, data, and workflows across a marketer’s preferred ecosystem of applications and technology providers as easily and flexibly as possible. In fact, most marketers rate integration as their greatest challenge and roadblock for innovation.

Lyris’ Enterprise Integration Solutions make it easier and more cost effective to connect data and messaging across cloud and enterprise technology stacks, and every existing and future marketing channel. With thousands of marketing technologies as the new normal, Lyris’ approach, based on open standards, empowers you to innovate and deliver connected customer communications that deliver value.

Lyris Enterprise Connectors

Integrate messaging data and workflows with the world’s largest selection of applications.
Lyris Enterprise Connectors provide a visually-oriented configuration environment for data integrations, based on enterprise service bus technology and open standards. The connectors reduce effort and costs of integrations while speeding time-to-value. For example:

  • Enable data exchange between Lyris and CRM systems
  • Provide Access to ecommerce transactional data
  • Coordinate campaign Workflows across thousands of on-premises and cloud-Based marketing technologies
Enterprise Connectors for data integrations – Lyris AU.
Lyris AU digital marketing Platform Services.

Lyris Platform Services

Rapidly create “best-fit” marketing applications for more innovation, faster
Through configurable, re-usable components, instead of expensive hard-coded solutions, Lyris Platform Services make it practical to orchestrate digital messaging while choosing your preferred ecosystem of solutions from thousands of available marketing technologies.

Lyris’ open platform approach empowers marketers to flexibly configure, re-use, or swap out marketing application components with preferred alternatives, whether these are created by Lyris, other marketing technology vendors, systems integrators, or a company’s own IT organization.

  • Avoid being locked-in “not-what-you-needed” suites.
  • Access the largest selection of third-party applications available anywhere for integration with Lyris based solutions.
  • More quickly and easily swap applications within your digital marketing eco-system.

Lyris Data Services

Simplify your path to a consolidated, real-time view of customer behavior - by leaving your data where it is
Lyris Data Services eliminate the need to import or export data to Lyris applications. Access powerful data integration and transformation to leave your data “in place” and avoid the cost and effort associated with setting up and maintaining legacy data federation approaches.

  • Lyris solutions read and update all customer data where it resides, across cloud and enterprise.
  • Bypass typical data extract, transform, and load routines to drive real-time cross-channel marketing with a single, virtual, view of the customer - generated on the fly!
  • Preserve your investments into your existing customer data warehouses and applications.
Marketing Data integration with Lyris AU Data Services.

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