Lyris Enterprise Connectors

Connecting Data and Digital Messaging with the World’s Largest Selection
of Applications

Lyris solutions are deployed on a flexible software framework that enables marketers to integrate the world’s largest repository of applications into a best-fit-for-you digital marketing eco-system. Visually-oriented connectors reduce effort and costs of integration while accelerating time-to-value.

Connect 3rd party applications and data sources to Lyris AU platform with Enterprise Connectors.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

Lyris Enterprise Connectors make it easier and more cost-effective to access Lyris HQ and Lyris ListManager’s powerful application API services. You can quickly build intelligent campaign segments, personalize content, and automate messages across multiple systems.

Gain simplified access to all available Lyris APIs:
  • List, Contact, and Attribute Management;
  • Message Planning and Creation;
  • Segment Management,
  • Trigger Configuration
  • and many more
Accelerate development using a graphical design paradigm:
  • Orchestrate complex marketing workflows without manual coding.
  • Benefit from a drag-and-drop environment that raises the bar for usability and ease of use.
Empower developers with familiar tools and processes:
  • Facilitate data transformation with rules and editing capabilities.
  • Leverage open source integrated development environments.

For more details, download our complimentary data sheet.

Download the Lyris Enterprise Connectors Data Sheet »


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